Pharaoh Rebirth – ファラオリバース

Pharaoh Rebirth is a nice japanese game, about a rabbit treasure hunter…


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Chucky Men­doza and the Curse of the Pharaoh

Chucky Men­doza and the Curse of the Pharaoh is an old school plat­former game inspired by 80’s 8-Bit retro games on clas­sic com­put­ers like the C64. Run across screen, jump over obsta­cles, col­lect trea­sures through­out a cursed pyra­mid, avoid trip­mines, lava pits and var­i­ous deadly ene­mies along the way.


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Spelunky HTML5

This is a special version of Spelunky ported to run in your browser.


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Tastes like Spelunky

Tastes Like Spelunky is a major modification of the original Spelunky (a platform roguelike game made by Derek Yu), in which the Spelunker is replaced by a ManTrap, along with other changes. ManTrap is a man-eating plant that appeared in the second area of the original game.


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Rocky Memphis and the temple of Ophuxoff

A c64 inspired platformer game brought to you by OvineByDesign. Collect all of the 4000 treasures spread over 600 unique screens and return back to your transport to escape the temple of ophuxoff (in the quickest time possible)


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List of Commercial Games gone Free

(games cover are randomly placed)

A small list (and incomplete) of commercial games gone freeware and published here on g4g.it during the course of some years..

Download Hidden and Dangerous
Download S.W.I.N.E
Download GTA 1 and GTA 2
Download Command and Conquer 95
Download Command and Conquer Red Alert
Download Enemy Nation
Download Ground Control
Download Ultimate Baja Madness (ad-supported)
Download FEAR COMBAT (multiplayer only)
Download America’s Army 3 (commercial quality)
Download Download PSI-Ops (ad-supported)
Play Quake 3
Play BattleField Heroes
Download TrackMania Nations Forever (multiplayer only)
Download Battle Cruiser Millenium

The following are ad-supported (US Airforce) :
Download Area 51
Download Rise and Fall civilizations at war
Download Full Spectrum Warrior
Download The Suffering

I left out of this list, classic games (except first 2 gta) which requires emulator to run and forgot or decided not to include a bunch more of ex-commercial games gone freeware. AA3, BF Heroes, FEAR Combat and TM Nations were included beacouse of their high quality (commercial) level. Hope you have fun with this shits games. 🙂

Some of this game is buyable, for people who hates Adware or ads in their games.
If you wonder how looks like this ads in the game here is an example video of Area 51 sponsored by US Air Force.


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Hidden and Dangerous (Deluxe)

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To promote the release of Hidden & Dangerous 2, Gathering has released the original Hidden & Dangerous for free. This release includes the original game, the Devil’s Bridge expansion pack, all the patches, and the game editor.


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