PC Videogames Piracy will end in 2 years?

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I saw on various online videogames magazine this news, and probably you have read it too. In short a chinese cracker-group called 3DM said that encryption technology continues to improve, and that in 2 years will be too difficult or time consuming to “crack” a game. The new challenge for the Piracy-Groups around the world is called Denuvo, this software studio could have found the right way to stop the piracy, if i understood correctly Denuvo is not impossible to crack, this is not how it works, it can be cracked BUT It (could) takes times, weeks, months or even years! And after 1-3 years i think developers and publishers won’t care much if the game is cracked or not.

Now i don’t know if Denuvo will make pc games uncrackable for 1,2,3 or more years but imagine a world where PC Games Piracy doesn’t exist… What will happen? This will prevent access to games to some people with lack of money or people that live in restricted markets, i heard (but don’t know if it’s true) that 3DM group were cracking their PC games cause in China those games are not sold, hence the only way to play is to download illegally (in China).

Don’t know what do you think about that, but for me as long as Denuvo is not a virus-spyware, or something that destroy the hardware, for me it’s ok. I mean the developers and the publishers have all the rights to copy-protect their work and money invested.

Now there are some problems with Denuvo:

1) i have no idea but i think this technology is not for everyone, it is probably expensive and only large companies (probably) can include it in their games.
2) this could be bad for game historic archive, since the game is encrypted.
3) On the Denuvo official site they say “Denuvo Anti-Tamper does not constantly read or write-encrypt and decrypt any data to storage media”… the problem is they used the word “constantly” they didn’t just said “no”

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