Farewell Star Trek..

Recently i watched Star Trek 2009 movie.
Is it possible to destroy a saga, simply with one movie? Yes, that’s what they did.
I like Star Trek Universe, i liked this movie and probably many enjoyed it, but among other little things this movie has a big problem: THE STORY. As director J.J.Abrams said he wanted to do a Star Trek movie in the style of Star Wars, well he did a pretty good job, actually the film plays and feels exactly like a Star Wars Movie, the problem is he erased completely Star Trek. Re-invented, Reboot, starting from zero, this was made pretty good in BattleStar Galactica (except for the finale), but in my opinion with Star Trek they went too far.
Now let’s go in order to explain this ‘masterpiece’:
STOP reading here if you haven’t watched this movie yet, the following text contains spoilers!

-The EnterPrise Bridge looks like a giant I-Pod (white)
-Why Romulus can’t be evacuated?
-How the hell a miner-ship is close to the super nova?
-Once Nero jumps, why he don’t go to Romulus warning them that the star will die in 130 years?
-If the Star goes SuperNova, or it’s transformed in a black hole, Romulus is doomed.. so why the Hell is Spock ‘s fault?
-Vulcan is destoryed and with it, hundreds of stories and great moments in movies 2 and 3.
-Where is the Vulcan Fleet?
-When Nero attacks Earth, where are the Planetary defense? Not even a catapult?
-When Vulcan and entire race is destroyed there is no epic, i mean Enterprise crew feels emotionless, probably they are thinking what to eat at dinner?
-The Enterprise engine rooms looks like a 20th century power plant…
-The StarFleet Accademy looks like a high-school assembly…
-If they can transport (beam) people on unthinkable distances (thanks to Scotty’s future formula) why they just don’t use it to kill Nero and his crew?
-Where are the ‘Time Cops’? If you watched the series you know they prevent timeline to alter.
-In the movie they say the star (going supernova) could destroy the galaxy.. well ok they don’t give details, the Q Race can’t do that cause The Guardians wouldn’t allow and scientifically we can’t deny (nor prove) something like this exist, but man this sounds like a bad lazy joke.
-At the end of the movie there is no reset. This alternative timeline is the new timeline.

Ok as a movie if you don’t think too much it’s a nice movie, the battles, the visuals, the action, and some good actors too, i think one of the mistakes was to call this Star Trek 2009, just call it Star Trek Re-invented or Star Trek New Universe. This could have been a great movie and in many parts it is, but it feels more like a half-finished commercial product. I will watch the second movie (2011?) but from now i know the old Star Trek is no more.. I am not an ‘integralist’ trekkie anyway, just a fan.
They will never do, but one can hope they will do a proper finale for the old saga, The Nemesis finale wasn’t good at all.. it was too much ‘burocratic’.
Thanks for reading my rants.

Farewell Star Trek..


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