Age of Discovery

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Age of Discovery is a strategy browser game setted up during the Isabel of Spain age.


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Discovery Online

Discovery Online takes place during the Era of Discovery, from the 15th to the 18th century. Beginning in the 15th century, a turning point in the history of mankind. The Fall of Constantinople, the Renaissance, and the growing interest of conquering nations into maritime exploration changed the map of the world. The conquest of the seas led by Portuguese, such as Henry the Navigator and Vasco De Gama, brings in a time of grand expeditions and world dominance.

While trade routes extend, the fascination for gold and exotic resources knows no bounds Commercial guilds launch themselves into the adventure, developing and enriching their home ports, all the while luring countless greedy pirates who hunt the treasure-laden vessels. In response, the seafaring nations are building their naval forces. The Western Passage is open to intrepid adventurers of the Old World. But further east, the fleets of the Great Zheng-He, almost 30,000 marines strong, patrol the oriental seas, from Japanese Isles to Arabia. Will they fend off the European treasure-hunters? The first to discover new lands will reap fortune and glory! It is in this tumultuous setting that Discovery Online offers the player the opportunity to rewrite history and to invent their own saga.


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