Dolphin Emulator can boot every Gamecube game!

Every single GameCube game can at least boot in Dolphin 5.0-540. Around 15% of the games are perfect, and 70% are playable.. with 15% not playable.


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Dolphin Island 2

Dolphin Island 2 is game made by Jan (@AldianSolkai) and James (@jtangc) for the A Game By It’s Cover 2015 Game Jam and the Indie Game Making Contest 2015 by Humble Bundle. Dolphin Island 2’s cover by Ko Takeuchi (@kokosac_world), one of the designers behind the Wario Ware and Rhythm Heaven series. For Windows, Linux and Mac.


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Dolphin Wii and Gamecube Emulator

Dolphin is a Gamecube, Wii and Triforce (the arcade machine based on the Gamecube) emulator.

Gamecube compatibility is okay-ish – lots of games work, many games don’t work.
Wii compatibility is not quite as good as the Gamecube compatibility, but many games are playable, and lots of games are showing intros and more.
Triforce compatibility is not really known yet, but at least one game runs, with minor glitches.

This is a working Wii Emulator with a lot of people involved in the project!

Link to Dolphin Emulator


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