Mayhem Triple

From the creators of Sombreros, Mayhem Triple is a cinematic platformer focusing on exciting set-pieces and violent, fast gunplay. Development first started on the game in 2003, though there have been several iterations. You play as Miguel “Mig” Carter, a man of few means but great skill, who is rudely awakened by the apocalypse and is tasked with sorting it out. Thousands of rabbit-esque aliens are entering the Earth’s atmosphere, and their numbers keep increasing by the hour. Helping put a dent in their population is an assortment of more than 20 powerful weapons and hidden Illuminati devices. Featuring smooth, dynamic controls, 5 insanely varied levels, a comprehensive New Game+ system and a great original soundtrack, Mig’s not going to let time nor space get in the way of being mankind’s savior!


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