MAPLET (Blitz basic)

Maplet is now *free*!
Maplet is an extremely easy to use modelling tool, designed to make creating ‘indoor’ style scenery as painless as possible.
Maplet is a ‘Constructive Solid Geometry’ based modeller. This means that instead of modelling with polygons, vertices and so on, all modelling is performed with solid ‘primitives’. Using operations such as ‘carve’ and ‘fill’, solid primitives are combined together to create models.
This modeling approach allows you to create highly detailed models very rapidly. It also guarantees the production of geometrically ‘correct’ models which is very important for precise collision detection and optimal rendering.
Maplet features a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor:
All editing is performed in full 3D, using a ‘reference plane’ which can easily be moved up or down.
Maplet also features a ‘lightmapper’. This tool generates special lightmap textures based on lights placed within the scene, creating realistic light and shadow effects.
Maplet can export either .B3D or .X format models. Unfortunately, the .X format does not support features required for lightmapping, so lightmaps can only be produced for .B3D models.


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