Hyper Vanguard Force IV (Star Citizen Minigame)

Here is a minigame based on official Star Citizen concept art.


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Attack of the Mutant Minigames

Experimental games gone horribly wrong… A free bundle of “horrifying” games by Joe Lesko.

This is a collection of small games from 2004-2007. Most started as entries to weekend game jams, and were programmed in BlitzBasic. For this bundle, all games have been updated with code fixes, graphic improvements, expanded gameplay, and a launcher menu!


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The Legend of Princess (minigame)

A nice 2d platform from the creator of Noitu Love, a tribute to Zelda, the game has only one level.


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Teddy Wars v1.1 (minigame)

Teddy Wars™ is an episodic action comedy that utilizes those well known characters that lie on your pillow to thrust you into an action packed parody of epic proportions. Not only do your cuddly friends make fun of everything you know and love, but they have the craziest attitudes in the universe and will have all those nasty earth invading zombies, monsters, lamines and aliens, quivering in their exoskeletons.



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