Armies of Gielinor

Armies of Gielinor (AoG) is a turn-based strategy game for up to 8 players, and the first FunOrb game to be based on our massively multiplayer adventure game, RuneScape (Gielinor being an alternative name for RuneScape’s world). All players start out with a lowly barbarian chieftain and must capture structures, teleport in new units and battle with their enemies to control the mightiest army on Gielinor.

The game also features a single-player, map-driven campaign mode, allowing you to recreate the Zamorakian conquest of Morytania, in the age of the God Wars. This provides you with 17 missions to test your tactical thinking, and numerous ways to complete the entire campaign.

There are a lots of different units, each aligned to the various gods of Gielinor. Some units are very powerful, while others have special abilities that can affect the landscape or introduce various different strategies for you to employ. Can you balance your army’s strengths to take on any opponent and emerge victorious?

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