Space Station 13

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This project is a full remake of the popular survival-sandbox based multiplayer game Space Station 13, comprised of a team of artists and coders who originally helped develop SS13 on the BYOND platform.


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Byond (Multiplayer Board Gamemaker)

With BYOND you can play multiplayer games online, or make your own games, all for free.

BYOND makes it easy to get up and running with a multiplayer networked game without you having to do any extra programming work at all. The programming language is easy to learn and to work with, but it allows you to do more than most game engines that just set up a few script triggers. BYOND can handle everything from RPGs to strategy games to board games and much more.

The BYOND engine is free to use for creating and playing games. Publishing your game on our website is easy (and also free). If you want to use your creation to make some money, BYOND helps you by integrating subscription options right into our site and the game language itself.

* Free
* Built-in multiplayer
* Subscription support
* Thousands of players
* Flexible language allows many kinds of games
* Simple yet powerful coding model

Available for windows, linux, BSD and Macintosh.



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