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reactos 0.3.4

New version of this operating system alternative to Windows, you can DOWNLOAD here, the main changes are:

  • Updated bootloader (FreeLdr), with some parts rewritten for better compatibility and better code maintenance
  • Memory (heap and pools) corruptions fixes throughout the whole system
  • Kernel: a number of critical bugs fixed over the whole kernel, and rewrite of an early initialization part of the Memory Manager
  • Win32 subsystem: overall improvements in the subsystem, involving both user and kernel mode components
  • Base CRT library had key parts reworked in favor of better compatibility
  • Command shell (cmd.exe) improvements, especially in interpreting batch scripts
  • Font changes for better metrics compatibility
  • Internationalization support improvements with a keyboard layout switcher, working Regional Settings Control Panel Applet, 1st stage setup localization into quite a few languages, and more keyboard layouts added
  • Almost all kernel mode drivers and user mode applications, control panel applets, DLLs were worked on, resulting in improvements, bugfixes and more functionality

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