To be the Hunter or the Deer…

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The Hunter

It’s a realistic hunting game online. Explore an amazing wilderness, take the shot and share the moment with friends. What’s more, it’s free.

The Hunter is a revolutionary hunting simulator that unites traditional gaming and social networking. Download the game client and you’ll find a visually stunning hunting world, populated with a huge range of highly realistic animals, from small game and birds to heavy weight trophy targets like bear, deer and elk, all created by Avalanche Studios, the award winning developer of Just Cause.

Link to The hunter

Hunter’s World

This is the world’s first massively multi-player online hunting experience. Immerse yourself in a huge, persistent environment, teeming with wildlife and all manner of game. Learn to track, stalk and harvest your trophies and collaborate – or compete – with your friends in the hunt.

The game is set in a massive private hunting reserve owned by the Hunter family. Explore the reserve and hunt the huge variety of game available, finding new places to hunt, and discovering techniques and equipment along the way.

Free to Play with cash shop.

• Competition against real people and a wide variety of AI-controlled animals
• Collaboration with real people
• Multiple hunting lodges, each with their own unique characteristics
• A truly social game – players can communicate, hunt and socialise together
• Players can roam freely in a virtual hunting world where they can interact with thousands of others
• Players can purchase items (e.g. cars, weapons, clothing and so on) and customize their character
• Free-to-play

Link to Hunter’s World

Endless Forest

But What if you hate hunting? (even the virtual one?) and want to walk in the nature between the deers like one of them… you can try this mmo..

LINK to Endless Forest

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