Dawn of War II Retribution – Elite Mod

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Do you have the Dawn of War 2 Retribution game? Try the Elite mod.

Link to Official Site

Dawn of War II: Elite is a multiplayer modification (mod) for Dawn of War II: Retribution, which is the de facto Warhammer 40,000 RTS adaptation at this time. “Mod” means that we – the players – have changed, added and removed aspects of the retail game to make it more interesting.

Elite was envisioned by Caeltos (you know who he is if you ever played or followed competitive DoW2) as an experimental balance mod for high-level players to test certain tweaks to gameplay balance. However, as THQ cut the official support of DoW2 in their dive toward bankruptcy, Elite evolved into making bolder changes – up to new abilities and units – and ended up introducing an entire new faction; the Grey Knights, based on Bloodravage’s Destroyer 40k mod but designed from a competitive PvP angle.

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