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The beta will be hosted via Steam and offered exclusively to Warhammer® 40,000™: Dawn of War – Soulstorm owners on January 21, followed by a worldwide public release on January 28. The beta will feature all four playable races, five multiplayer maps, and Microsoft’s Games for Windows – LIVE TrueSkill Matchmaking.

Warhammer® 40,000™: Dawn of War® II, developed by THQ’s internal studio, Relic Entertainment, is a Real-time strategy (RTS) game set in the grim, war-ravaged world of Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000 science fiction universe. Featuring vicious front-line combat, destructible environments, a fully cooperative multiplayer mode, four unique playable races, and a non-linear single player campaign with branching storylines, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II delivers the ultimate sci-fi fantasy RTS experience. The game is scheduled for release on February 23, 2009 for Windows PC, and will be available through worldwide retail and online outlets. For more information on Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II, please visit www.dawnofwar2.com.”


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  1. By bunta on January 20, 2009

    Minimum Requirements

    * Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista SP1
    * P4 3.2 GHz (single core) or any Dual Core processor
    * 1 GB RAM (XP), 1.5 GB RAM (Vista)
    * A 128MB Video Card (Shader Model 3) – Nvidia GeForce 6600 GT / ATI X1600, or equivalent
    * 5.5 GB of Hard Drive space


    * Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista SP1
    * AMD Athlon 64×2 4400+ or any Intel Core 2 Duo
    * 2 GB RAM (XP and Vista)
    * A 256MB Video Card (Shader Model 3) – Nvidia GeForce 7800 GT / ATI X1900, or equivalent
    * 5.5 GB of Hard Drive space

  2. 3) What can you tell us about the content of the beta?

    Mark: The Beta will allow you to play as all four initial races – Space Marines, Orks, Eldar and Tyranids.

    Skill-based matchmaking will be tested as will the party system that allows players to invite and search for matches with up to two friends. Leaderboards and player stats for ranked games will be available in-game for you to track your progress against other Beta players.

    Players will also be able to host public custom games in case they want to play on a particular map with a particular group of people.

    The Beta will include five multiplayer maps – two 1v1s and three 3v3s.

    4) The beta will only be available to Soulstorm owners this week? When will the beta be offered to the general public?

    Mark: The Beta begins January 21st with exclusive priority access for Soulstorm owners. To get in on the 21st, you simply need to own a valid copy of Soulstorm (either digital or physical), log into Steam and enter your product key. Steam will recognize the key and give you access to the Beta.

    As of January 28th, the Beta will be made publicly available on Steam as well as the Games for Windows – LIVE Marketplace.

    5) How long will the beta run?

    Mark: The Beta will run up until DOWII ships to stores, so roughly about four weeks.

  3. http://store.steampowered.com/app/15660/
    (dawn of war 2 multiplayer beta)

    (Soulstorm at 3 euro/dollars)

  4. Tried the beta..

    This game is a big delusion so far..
    Less funny than the original dow, it looks like an anonymous game…

    Will see if after the release things will improve..

    p.s Why the hell they decided to use Games for windows? bah..

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