18th was Hacked (again)

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So if you visited some hours ago you may have noticed the “friendly” Krypton hacked the site. The person is nicknamed Krypton, i guess he hates Superman :lol:, the site should be fixed now i have no idea if i corrected the problem so in the next hours or days there could be a problem with the site, also some parts of the site are not accessible for the moment. Now i would like to ask “Krypton” a question…

Why the hell you hacked this site? It is a simple site about freeware games.


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Hackers 1 Gabe 0

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Do you remember the Gabe challenge? Click here

The image pretty much says it all. This (which is not a big deal tbh) proves once more that the only safe computer, is the computer unplugged from the net.


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G4G was Hacked

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This webiste was hacked for the second time in its history. It should be fixed now, BUT Google keep telling visitors (that use firefox) that this site is dangerous and contains malware.  If  i fixed everything the warning should give away in a couple of days (when google crawler comes here and review the site and update its blacklist). If you are a firefox user you may wish consider manually clean your browser cache or the warning will keep displaying..

If you have any suggestions, they are welcome. It’s high probable that when you will click to comment the Warning will show, be sure..
this website is safe to browse and use.

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