Sixty Five Million And One BC

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The Game was previously sold, and was released for free download from the Author.

Sixty Five Million And One BC is a platform adventure about a bunch of velociraptors trying to save the world from a comet.

You see, around about 65 million years ago, they reckon an enormous hunk of rock, 10 km across, hurtled down from space and smacked rudely into what eventually became the Gulf of Mexico. It’s what is generally thought to have caused – or at least contributed to – the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Well guess what? The dinosaurs have gotten wind of this and they aren’t too happy about it. In Sixty Five Million And One BC you play a lean, green, smoothly animated velociraptor charged with trekking across the Mesozoic world to gather parts for a dino-designed machine that will blow up the comet and save the world!

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65 Million And One BC
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Game features:
– A whole bunch of moves. The raptor can walk, run, jump, backflip, climb walls, duck, crawl, swim, bite, tailwhip, pounce, ground-slam and carry objects. The controls are context-sensitive, so only two action keys are needed on top of the four direction ones.

– Graphics and animations – Each of the character’s moves are fully animated, nothing is static! The graphics are all smooth and cartoony, as can be seen from the screenshots. Forest, plains, mountains and cave level stages all look very different from each other.

– Realistic interactions – Pounce an enemy and it flies backwards, sprawling, spinning and writhing! Slopes can be smoothly traveled over, vertical surfaces can be climbed and leapt off, delicate objects can be smashed.

– Particle effects – Ripply realistic splashes, speeding dust trails, drifting particles in sunbeams, and meteor trails. Particle effects can be switched on and off during gameplay for speed enhancement – but they aren’t overpowering, so they shouldn’t need to be!

– Speech system and cutscenes – The game is driven by speech between the characters, presented in cutscenes that can be advanced manually or skipped. During a cutscene, the screen letterboxes cinematically and the story advances through character actions and dialogue.

– Original soundtrack – The music is all high-quality ogg format, and each level stage and cutscene has its own music, all variating on a few main themes.

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  1. By Máté on May 9, 2011

    looks fun 🙂

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