SPACE HULK v1.0 (Board Game Remake)

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Space Hulk is a board game developed by Games Workshop several years ago. It is a turn based game focusing on the fictional battle between man and alien in a distant world. Several variations have been made to both Amiga and PC’s but none has really embraced the turn aspect of the game so that was authors’ intentions when they started making this game.This game builds on old traditions such as hand pixeled 2D sprites. There is no multi billion 3D engine backing it up, only the Allegro Gaming Library and what that can provide.
But when it comes to quality and fun the pieces put into the game are well polished thanks to a development process of one and a half year with quality assuarance and testing from almost day one. The game is only designed to be a single player game. The tested platforms are Windows XP and Windows VISTA. The game is build based on the Allegro Gaming Library meaning that if Allegro supports your platform and a DLL supporting your platform the game should run.




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