Brass Monkey

Your browser is the console, your phone is the controller.

Brass Monkey is video game console that uses smartphones as controllers and any screen with a web browser as the main display. Brass Monkey provides a free SDK (software development kit) that lets developers create games with similar features to traditional consoles (XBox, PS3, Wii, Wii U, etc.) using tools for creating Web based games: HTML5, Unity and/or Flash.


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The Steam Controller

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So after the Steam OS and the Steam Box-Hardware the last announcement is the Steam Controller…


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Project Natal

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Well i guess everybody knows about this right now, it seems ok to cool stuff, i guess when you play a game like Ace Combat if the pilot is female that could be sexy to watch, while if the pilot is male it could be a little ’embarassing’ 😆 (in public)

No seriously, good stuff Bill.

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