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I thought was a good idea to mirror the RGCD magazines…

RGCD is a downloadable CD-ROM based magazine containing the very latest retro reviews, features and developer interviews, providing its readers with an essential one-stop resource for all their retro gaming needs. RGCD’s main focus is on the new releases for 8/16-Bit computer platforms, but also dedicate a good percentage of reviews and feature space to retro look-and-feel PC-based remakes and independent games.


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The Portal 2 Comic

The Comic is a lie.


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The Black Library Free eBooks Friday

To celebrate the launch of Black Library Digital, October 8th and the following four Fridays have been designated Free eBook Fridays. Be sure to point your browser to the Black Library direction at noon GMT on each of those days to find out which gem from the BL back catalogue – or digital exclusive – will be yours for the grand sum of zero pounds, dollars or yen.


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America’s Army (Comic)

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The U.S. Army launched America’s Army – The Graphic Novel, a free online publication based on America’s Army 3.


BONUS: G.I.Joe Video 😆

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