Bonsai Worlds

A world-building game by Enric Llagostera, with music by Holy Konni. Inspired by This Precious Land, by Craig Forrester.


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Cargo Bridge Saga and others

Here are a collection of Bridge Building games…


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M.I.N.E. Project Terraform

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M.I.N.E. is an open-source colonization processes control system. Build bases, dig resources, engage in trade, examine artifacts, protect from pirates and attack them in both single and multiplayer.


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Avalon Lords (Kingdom of Knights) announced

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Avalon Lords will be a buy-to-play title.

Update: Kingdom of Knights chanded name in Avalon Lords. Release Date: Q4 2013?

Avalon Lords (Kingdom of Knights) is a Free to Play Castle Building RTS MMO Video Game aimed at users building up their Kingdoms and battles with other players.


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I, Mayor

Build up your own town, fullfill your citizen’s needs! Watch your village grow into a metropolis and become rich! That’s what ‘I, Mayor’ is all about. Build areas for your citizens then supply them with all the infrastructure they need, like water and electricity but also police, city hall or church. You must have enough available employments and workers, you must watch your taxes and more!


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City Rain – Building Sustainability

A mix of Tetris and Sim City.

In this fun and exciting game, the player joins the unique experience of being a mayor of a city that, like all others, grows in an unpredictable way. As the mayor, the player will be challenged to take fast decisions that provide sustainable development and quality of life to its residents, scoring more and staying more time in the mayor’s seat.



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ROBLOX (Virtual World Building Game)

ROBLOX Virtual Playworld.
ROBLOX is a free online building game. You make your own games, and share them with other people.

-Create buildings, vehicles, scenery, and traps with thousands of virtual bricks.
-Visit your friend’s place, chat in 3D, and build together.
-Play with the slingshot, rocket, or other brick battle tools. Be careful not to get “bloxxed”.


Watch a Video

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