ROBLOX (Virtual World Building Game)

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ROBLOX Virtual Playworld.
ROBLOX is a free online building game. You make your own games, and share them with other people.

-Create buildings, vehicles, scenery, and traps with thousands of virtual bricks.
-Visit your friend’s place, chat in 3D, and build together.
-Play with the slingshot, rocket, or other brick battle tools. Be careful not to get “bloxxed”.


Watch a Video

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4 Responses to “ROBLOX (Virtual World Building Game)”

  1. who made that truck it looks cool

  2. By bob on November 23, 2009

    Take a look at my profile in roblox

    Edit: Sorry bob no Ambassador link, the url has been edited. Plus i don’t wanna be rude with you or the other guy, but why (if the case) putting link here? They will be invalid. We already know about roblox.. 😆

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