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Sa Fang has been traitioned. The king, the man he has lived his life for is dead. Now Sa Fang seeks death in revenge, mistrusting allies and enemies alike. Follow him on his intergalactic journey to popular holiday planets such as Zeta Gamma VIII, battle giant eyeballs, get hot and dirty with evil witches, cross dimensions and don’t forget to bring a towel. Because this journey is bound to end in hell. The first part is freeware, the second part shareware.

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93.5 MiB - 290 downloads

– new era top down shooter with rpg elements
– 2player co-operative and duel mode
– interactive story with multiple endings
– over 70 items, weapons and spells, list growing
– over 30 intelligent individualized enemys that adapt to your movements and terrain, list growing
– incredible marketing
– explosions and zombus
– custom survival mode
– speed
– freely adjustable difficulty
– floating eyeballs

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