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ARK 22

Ark 22 is an
action-adventure game for the PC, heavily based on gameplay from the
16-bit era adventure games like Zelda or Terranigma.


Ark 22 è un ottimo gioco, un arcade adventure sullo stile di zelda.


RAPPELZ (free mmo in development)

From the authors of Flyff comes this new free mmo, at the moment i am
writing this Open Beta will start on Monday October 2nd at 1 PM
(13:00) USA Pacific Time
. The game looks like Lineage 2 but free.
Not bad and i think it ‘s worth a try.
Dagli stessi autori di Flyff arriva questo nuovo mmo free, la open beta
dovrebbe iniziare il 2 ottobre 2006. Il gioco sembra assomigliare a
Lineage 2 in versione free.


GAME CAM (shareware)

an utility that allows you to capture video and audio from your
games or other applcations, that use dirextx or opengl, it allows
taking screenshots too, if u have ever used fraps, you know what i
am talking about here. Infact this GameCam program is a valid
alternative to Fraps.

GAMECAM è un utility analoga a Fraps, consente di
catturare audio e video dai videogiochi, o da altre applicazione che
usino le direct x o le opengl, consente anche la cattura di



A 3D Space Simulator that
allows you to trade and bounty hunt in a vast universe.




Un ottimo simulatore spaziale 3d in cui il giocatore potrà commerciare e
dare la caccia a bordo della sua astronave in un vasto universo.



very nice and full of features gif creator, surplisingly it was
realized using gamemaker.


BENETON MOVIE GIF 1.1 è un ottimo programma per creare gif animate,
contiene tante features, ed è incredibilmente realizzato con


Night of Fire (mega-lol)


direct link


Bump ‘n’ Jump! 3D REMAKE!


The old classic by
the same name in 3d.


Il vecchio classico
rifatto in 3d.



This is a special one.. This game was made by me (FireSword) one of
the admin of It’ s a little arcade-puzzle, the goal it’s to
breed the ‘Chou’ keeping an eye at money balance, with left click u can
attract chou to the apple, right clicking on the big ones, u sell it.
Further info in game. I hope u like this one, i think it’s worth 5-10
minutes of entertaining. Any comments and feedback are more than
Questo è uno speciale. Anni addietro realizzai questo gioco per
divertimento e poi lo lascia disperso nell’hard-disk, visto che ora ho
un sito web, ho colto l’occasione per pubblicarlo sulle pagine di Spero vi
piaccia, e vi diverta come mi son divertito io all’epoca realizzandolo,
credo che un 5-10 minuti di gioco-relax ci siano tutti. Ogni commento è
piu che benvenuto.



Fantasy Battlefields is a free turn-based tactical battle game
located in a fantasy universe. Each player leads an army to fight
against the armies of virtual enemies (artificial intelligence) or
against other players on a network or on the same computer. Each
army is composed of a great number of fighters having their specific
characteristics (Strength, Movement …) and is organized according
to a determined hierarchy (commands, units, individuals …)
Developped in Java, this game is a multi-platform game.


Fantasy battles è un
gioco a turni strategico in un contesto fantasy. Single-multiplayer
sviluppato in java.


RICK DANGEROUS Un Flash d’Autore

Rick Dangerous is a
perfect flash conversion of this oldie-goldie platform from core
design(if i remember correctly). congratz to his author.

Rick Dangerous è una
conversione perfetta in flash di questo vecchio classico, ad opera
dei Core Design(se ricordo bene) Complimenti al suo autore.



doujin fighting game, gameplay street fighter, it was made with
fighter maker.
Un graficamente eccellente picchiaduro alla street fighter,
realizzato con fighter maker.




Spybot –
Search & Destroy detects and removes spyware, a relatively new kind of
threat not yet covered by common anti-virus applications. Spyware
silently tracks your surfing behaviour to create a marketing profile for
you that is transmitted without your knowledge to the compilers and sold
to advertising companies. If you see new toolbars in your Internet
Explorer that you haven’t intentionally installed, if your browser
crashes inexplicably, or if your home page has been "hijacked" (or
changed without your knowledge), your computer is most probably infected
with spyware. Even if you don’t see the symptoms, your computer may be
infected, because more and more spyware is emerging. Spybot-S&D is free,
so there’s no harm giving it a try to see if something has invaded your
Spybot-S&D can also clean usage tracks, an interesting function if you
share your computer with other users and don’t want them to see what you
have been working on. And for professional users, Spybot-S&D allows you
to fix some registry inconsistencies and extended reports. A list of all
the apllication’s features is also available.
Spybot – Search & Destroy riconosce e rimuove lo spyware, un tipo di
minaccia relativamente nuovo che le comuni applicazioni anti-virus non
contemplano ancora. Lo spyware traccia silenziosamente le abitudini di
navigazione dell’utente, per crearne un profilo commerciale che, a sua
insaputa, viene trasmesso ai compilatori e venduto alle aziende
pubblicitarie. Se ci si accorge di nuove barre strumenti in Internet
Explorer, che non sono state installate intenzionalmente, se il browser
si blocca inspiegabilmente oppure se la pagina iniziale viene
"dirottata" (o modificata a vostra insaputa), molto probabilmente il
computer è affetto da spyware. Ma il computer potrebbe essere infetto
anche se non si notano sintomi, poichè stanno comparendo sempre più
spyware. Spybot-S&D è gratuito, così non c’è nulla di male nel provare a
vedere se qualcosa ha invaso il computer.
Spybot-S&D è in grado di cancellare anche le tracce d’uso,
un’interessante funzione se il computer viene condiviso con altri utenti
e non si desidera che questi vadano a vedere con cosa si è lavorato. E,
per utenti avanzati, Spybot-S&D consente di correggere alcune
incongruenze nel registro e di stilare ampi rapporti. E’ disponibile
anche l’elenco di tutte le funzionalità dell’applicazione.


GuildWars NightFall Koss – Afroman (lol)


Roma Victor(no monthly fee) and Armada Online(alpha test)

Roma Victor® is a
non-fantasy MMORPG (Massively-Multi player Online Role-Playing Game)
based in the Roman Empire, circa 180AD. It has no monthly fee u pay only
the client(as it happens in Guild Wars for example) and if u want u can
buy game currency ‘Sesterzi’.Is it good? Only the Gods will tell us..


Volevo segnalare questo mmo sull’Antica roma, non ha un canone mensile
(come guild wars) e per chi vuole si puo comprare ‘sesterzi’ usando
denaro vero. Graficamente non è un granchè, e il gioco in generale tende
a simulare.. quindi niente punti ferita e azioni verosimili.. ex
cuocersi un pesce dura 10 minuti reali, oppure un colpo di bastone
procura fratture, uno di spada puo’ essere fatale.. senza una debita
corazza. Da segnalare che i giocatori scorretti o cheater o che
insultano vengono
crocifissi letteralmente, restando in un ban attivo per un tot di tempo
deciso dal admin.. Boh a me non mi ispira più di tanto ma mi sembrava

giusto segnalarlo.

ARMADA ONLINE is an MMO with large fleets clashing in space(every ship
has his own human captain). 3D graphic in a 2d camera view, at the
moment you read this the game is in alpha state, that means everyone can
go to their website, create an account, download the client and start
the melee..not bad.


ARMADA ONLINE è un mmo spaziale con flotte di navi (guidate dai
giocatori) che si scontrano. La grafica è in 3d con visuale dall’alto,
attualmente è in fase di alpha test, quindi chiunque puo’ fare un salto
sul sito, registrarsi scaricare il client e gettarsi nella mischia..


Soldexus v1.02

Soldexus is a
platform adventure game patterned after the Super Metroid-inspired
Castlevania games.


Soldexus è un
platform-adventure sullo stile di castlevania.



Virtual PC is a powerful
software virtualization solution that allows you to run multiple
PC-based operating systems simultaneously on one workstation, providing
a safety net to maintain compatibility with legacy applications while
you migrate to a new operating system. It also saves reconfiguration
time, so your support, development, and training staff can work more


Microsoft Virtual PC è un
potente software di emulazione che permette di eseguire più sistemi
operativi contemporaneamente su una singola workstation: la soluzione
ideale per assicurare la compatibilità delle applicazioni durante la
migrazione a un nuovo sistema operativo. Microsoft Virtual PC consente
inoltre di ridurre al minimo i tempi di riconfigurazione, aumentando
l’efficienza del personale per il supporto, lo sviluppo e la formazione.


GuildWars NightFall Preview Event

Guild Wars NightfallTM
will make its world debut during a massive gameplay weekend—the
TM World Preview Event—on the weekend of
September 22–24, 2006. For 72 hours, players, fans, and even
newcomers to Guild Wars® from around the world will get a
chance to play through some of the exciting new content in Guild
Wars Nightfall
, immersing themselves in a brand new story of
heroes and villains, of a world sitting on the precipice of eternal



Sono usciti i nuovi driver
Via Hyperion



On the official site of
Guildwars has been released a
video in game of upcoming Nightfall(end of October 2006)

Download video

Sul sito ufficiale di
GuildWars è stato rilasciato un
nuovo video di NightFall(previsto per la fine di ottobre 2006)



Sono usciti i nuovi driver

Catalyst 6.9


Dungeons of FarGoal e SokoBan

Dungeons of Fargoal is heavily inspired from "Sword of Fargoal",you
could even call it a remake.Its a simple top view adventure game,you
go around in a dark level discovering the map as you move ,battle
foes and collect valuables and potions.Its simple and fun to
play.Number of levels = unlimited(each dungeons is randomly created)


Un ottimo remake di
Sword of Fargoal, infinito numero di livelli(ogni dungeon è generato

Sokoblast is a
Sokoban-style game in which you navigate topdown mazes collecting
treasures, triggering switches, and solving various puzzles that
involve holes, bombs, boomerangs, and so on.


Un puzzle game sullo
stile di Sokoban.



On 13 of August A new
beta of FreeCiv 2.1.0-BETA2 has comin out.

This game as the name
suggest is a free clone (with full singleplayer/multiplayer support) of
the old classic civilization. The current stable version is 2.0.8

Pocket PC

Freeciv is a free
turn-based multiplayer strategy game, in which each player becomes the
leader of a civilization, fighting to obtain the ultimate goal: To
become the greatest civilization.
Players of the Civilization® series
by Microprose® should feel at home, since one aim of Freeciv is to have
optional modes (called rulesets) with compatible rules. Freeciv is
maintained by an international team of coders and enthusiasts, and is
easily one of the most fun and addictive network games out there! That
also means it has very extensive multilanguage support, something rare
in games.

Free civ e’ un clone del mitico civilization.
-completamente gratuito
-supporto multiplayer
-fedele all’originale civilization
-codice sorgente incluso
-editor per creare mod e mappe
Disponibile per Windows, Linux, Macintosh e Pocket PC


Valkyrie Profile PSP



number of GAME the FREE italian magazine hit the


uscito il numero di Settembre di GAME. Per chi non lo sapesse
GAME e’ la prima rivista italiana GRATUITA dedicata ai
videogiochi distribuita online e nei migliori negozi. Buona Lettura!


Thousands Parsec (Space Empires Builder)

Thousand Parsec is a framework for turn based space empire building
games. It is important to understand that Thousand Parsec is not a
game by itself, it is a frame work for creating a similar group of
games. Some of the games, such as our first demo game MiniSec, are
developed by the Thousand Parsec developers themselves. In the near
future we hope that other developers will create their own games
using Thousand Parsec.

Thousand Parsec è un ambiente di sviluppo per realizzare il vostro
gioco alla ‘Master of Orion’, una volta creato il vostro client
potete gettarvi nella mischia online, oppure sul sito web ci sono
già parecchi client pronti per essere giocati.


Outer Space

Space is an on-line strategy game which takes place in the dangerous
universe. You will become powerful commander of many stars, planets,
and great fleets and will struggle for survival with other
commanders. Outer Space communicates with the server in the same way
as your browser, but you will need a special client to play it.
Using this client you can create an account on the server and you
can start to explore the world of the Outer Space.

Un mmo
spaziale strategico.



is a free first-person shooter powered by Qfusion, a
modification of Quake 2 GPL engine. Available for both
Windows and Linux, this eSport oriented game with fast-paced
gameplay focuses on trix (trick jumps) and art of move. It has a
complete oower-up system including Weak and Strong fire modes for
each weapon, cartoonish graphics with celshading-like_but_not_Manga
style, and some special moves like Wall jump, Dash, Dodge and Ramp



Standalone game for Windows and Linux

Engine based on Qfusion (a modification of Quake 2 GPL engine)

oriented FPS

Fast-paced gameplay focused on trix (trick jumps) and art of move

Power-up System including Weak and Strong fire mode for each weapon

Cartoonish graphics with celshading-like_but_not_Manga style, mixing
dark, flashy and dirty textures, matching with action full of fun
and speed

References : Quakeworld, Quake3 CPMA, Jet Set Radio, Speedball.


e’ un fps che utilizza l’engine Qfusion, una
versione modificata di Quake 2 rilasciato sotto licenza GPL.
E’ disponibile sia per Windows che Linux, inoltre gli autori
forniscono anche i tool sdk per modificarlo. Questo gioco come stile
e’ molto simile a Quake 3 che ne riprende le principali acrobazie
aggiungendone delle nuove.





Signature Generator

Hi i’ve found this nice
website, where u can generate signature for your forum needs, it
contains a lot of sign-generators. Surely there are a lot more site with
signature generator, but this one has a wide selection to which choose
from. Link

Ciao, ho trovato questo
simpatico sito dove si possono generare signature per i forum o
simpatiche cartoline, ci sono un sacco di signature tra cui
scegliere,sicuramente non è l’unico sito ma è molto ben fornito e mi
piaceva segnalarlo agli ‘amici’ di g4g.



Project-MP è un software che permette di organizzare partite
multiplayer, utilizzabile da qualsiasi provider internet, compresi
gli utenti FastWeb. Questo nuovo sistema permette così di utilizzare
un normale software, senza bisogno di un server centralizzato. Tutte
le lobby (le partite create dai giocatori) verranno monitorate e
registrate in una apposita sezione, chiamata Lobby, dove si potrà
visualizzare l’elenco completo delle partite create e in questo modo
ogni giocatore potrà partecipare e chattare prima di prendere parte
al gioco vero e proprio. Il progetto è gia in fase di sviluppo e
vengono utilizzate varie tecnologie e linguaggi di programmazione
che dialogano tra di loro in modo dinamico.

poter creare le proprie partite o unirsi ad altre partite, è
necessario scaricare il programma dal sito ufficiale e poi recarsi
nella sezione Lobby del sito.


principali caratteristiche:

Creazione, modifica e cancellazione di Lobby

Pubblicazione automatica della propria Lobby su questo sito

Configurazione e avvio automatico di un gioco multigiocatore dalla

interna multicolore

basilare degli utenti nella Lobby

dei giochi visionabile tra utenti

Configurazione automatica della connessione

interna dei giochi supportati

Aggiornamenti automatici

Interfaccia intuitiva e di semplice utilizzo

100 giochi supportati

tecnico tramite il Forum

altro ancora!




America’s Army: Special Forces (Overmatch) v2.7

The long awaited
America’s Army: Special Forces ("Overmatch") v2.7 has been officially
released. With more than 7,000,000 registered players i don t think
there is much to add.



Londinium e NationStates

Londinivm is a RPG set in
ancient Roman ruled London. Londinivm is a free game played on any
web browser.
NationStates is a free
nation simulation game. Build a nation and run it according to your
own warped political ideals. Create a Utopian paradise for society’s
less fortunate or a totalitarian corporate police state. Care for
your people or deliberately oppress them. Join the United Nations or
remain a rogue state. It’s really up to you.


Heroes of Annihilate Empires Demo (single/multiplayer)

The 500MB demo offers a
mix of single- and multiplayer gameplay utilizing both the RTS and RPG
elements from the full game. Included in the demo is an extensive
single-player mission taken directly from the game, and a LAN-playable
skirmish mode with two available races (Elves and Undead – each with
three heroes to choose from)



WINE 0.9.21

Nuova versione di Wine un utilissimo programma che
permette di far girare le applicazioni directx sotto linux. Questo
programma e’ completamente gratuito. Oltre ad Office e co. riesce a
far girare anche giochi recenti come GuildWars WoW e utility come
TeamSpeak2. Ecco le novita’ :


usual assortment of MSI improvements.

Richedit fixes.

Winelib app renamed to CMD for compatibility.

improvements to the Wintrust DLL.

code cleanups.


New version of Wine is out! This release includes
this updates:


usual assortment of MSI improvements.

Richedit fixes.

Winelib app renamed to CMD for compatibility.

improvements to the Wintrust DLL.

code cleanups.





ASD – Advanced Strategy Command 1.16.3

ASC is a free, turn based
strategy game. It is designed in the tradition of the Battle Isle series
from Bluebyte and is currently available for Windows and Linux. ASC is
distributed under the terms of the Gnu General Public License (the
license  Linux uses too), which basically means the game is free, the
complete source code is available and you can do everything with it as
long as it remains free. Note:the zip contains the editor.


ASC è un strategico a
turni, ispirato ai vecchi classici della BlueByte come Battle
Isle,disponibile per windows e linux.



Dopo il successo
dell’anno scorso, ritorna
Battle for
. Un evento organizzato da The Player, una campagna
in cui i giocatori di battlefield 2 potranno darsi
battaglia, tra le novità di quest’anno, spicca POE 2, il nuovissimo(e
bellissimo) mod per bf2 sarà utilizzato per la campagna. Molto
interessante e divertente. Se volete potete scaricare POE 2 qui:


Guild Wars Nightfall World Preview Event

Guild Wars Nightfall World Preview Event Set for September 22 –

Guild Wars Nightfall to Debut in Free Global Event Open to the Entire
World! Millions of Guild Wars Players not the Only Ones Invited
to the Big Event!


Dal 22 al 24 di settembre
si terrà il world preview event di NightFall prossimo capitolo di Guild
Wars(lo straordinario mmo fantasy senza canone mensile), l’evento è
aperto a tutti!



Ubisoft ha rilasciato il
terzo pacco che migliora e amplia l’esperienza multiplayer di Ghost
Recon Advance Warfighter.


NEXUIZ v2.1!

Nexuiz has been in
development for close to 5 years by a team of amateur developers lead by
Lee Vermeulen. It is a 3d deathmatch game made entirely over the
internet. The purpose of the game is to bring deathmatch back to the
basics, with perfect weapon balancing and fast paced action, keeping
itself away from the current trend of realistic shooters. It uses HFX
textures by Evil Lair, and currently has 17 maps to frag in. With an
advanced UI, the user can select between 15 different player models to
use, with an average of two skins for each, and can connect to our
master server to play people from all over the world.

Note: the zip files
contains all the 3 versions: win – linux and Mac.


Un free fps multiplayer, meccanismi di gioco semplici e ricercato
bilanciamento nelle armi. Disponibile per windows, linux e mac.

Nota: lo zip contiene
tutte e tre le versioni: windows – linux – mac


MEGAMEK – Battletech Board Game Online

MegaMek is an unofficial,
online version of the
Classic BattleTech board game.
Currently, nearly all level 1 BattleTech rules and technology are
working. Work is progressing on level 2 rules and technology, and most
of those are functional at this point. Even some level 3 rules have been
MegaMek is open source, free software. It is licenced under the GPL.

java is required to
play (that makes game compatible with windows, linux and mac)

features:Network or hotseat play for 2 or more players

A cunning AI opponent for offline play
All level 1 (3025) tech
Most level 2 (2750, 3050+) tech
Compatible with all 3025 mechs and many from later eras
Most level 1 rules implemented
Many level 2 rules implemented, including vehicles, infantry and fire

Map board selection and editing
Map boards based off official map packs included
Mech selection and support for some mech editors
Most official mech designs included
Color graphics



Una versione non
ufficiale del board game di BattleTech.



Sail across the vast
seas, roam across the mighty lands, and witness the bright and colourful
world of humans and creatures. Live in a fantasy world, where dreams
take flight to become reality. Experience a quality-designed animated
world: view the shimmering reflections of the sea waves at sunset; hear
and take sight of the whistling and rustling of the trees as wind blows.
With leading technology being employed for the design of this game,
every corner is an anticipation to wonder!


Un interessante mmo
free(con la formula cash shop), coloratissimo e cartoonesco.



Ewido anti-spyware
Free is a free anti-spyware protection tool developed by GRISOFT for
home use. Features in the free version are: easy to use, daily
database updates, heuristics to detect unknown threats, automatic
cleaning engine


Ewido anti-spyware
Free e un prodotto per uso domestico gratuito sviluppato da GRISOFT
per combattere gli spyware. Le principali caratteristiche nella
versione free sono: facilita’ d’uso, database aggiornato
quotidianamente, euristiche per riconoscere minacce sconoscite e un
motore di pulizia automatico.


Turrican 4 Funeral

T4F is a game of action
and timing. You jump and shoot your way through five worlds of intense
combat.You can find many hidden extras and powerups that will aid you in
your quest to destroy the countless hordes of the Machine.Finding extras
and destroying enemies raises your score. If your score is high enough
you will enter a rank in the Hall of Fame. T4 Funeral 2004 by Gert
Lüdecke "Dex" T4F is based on the T2002 Engine by Pekaro Software,


Un altro gioco ispirato
all’universo Turrican, discretamente realizzato, 5 livelli pieni
d’azione e una soundtrack originale.


A Scene from the movie "Stealth"

A small scene from the
movie "Stealth", a nice movie of aircrafts, full of special effects and
breath-taking dogfight in a sci-fi background. 2 more videos:



Una piccola clip tratta
dal film "Stealth", una simpatica pellicola "aerea", piena di effetti
speciali e dogfight mozzafiato in un contesto fanta-scinetifico. Altri 2




BIG COMPO 2006 -little selection-

By some days the
competion of 2006 is over, and judges are working, in the first
place i wanted to host all the games.. then i realized that not all
the games were good, many had problems or bugs or simply crap,
playing them i found some really good which i selected for the
I hope you have fun, my personal winner is GhostBuster.

For a full list of
games entries point your browser

(u ll surely found undiscovered gems or games i didn t

Da qualche giorno si
è conclusa la Big Compo 2006, all’inizio volevo hostare tutti i
giochi del concorso, ma poi mi sono reso conto mentre li giocavo che
molti erano incompleti, o pieni di bugs, altri semplicemente brutti,
durante le mie sessioni di gioco ho trovato alcuni titoli
interessanti che ho aggiunto all’archivio.
Buon divertimeno!Personalmente credo che il vincitore sia

Per una lista
completa dei giochi in concorso puntate i vostri browser

(troverete sicuramente gemme nascoste o giochi che mi
sono sfuggiti)

Ghostbuster (Big Compo 2006)
Wings Of
Fury – Jetzt erst recht! (Big Compo 2006)
Kong (Big Compo 2006)
Ghost ‘n’
Goblins Remix (Big Compo 2006)

Dig Dug
Aftershock 256 (Big Compo 2006)

Dig Dug
Aftershock (Big Compo 2006)

Star Wars
(Big Compo 2006)

CounterClockwiser (Big Compo 2006)
(Big Compo 2006)
(Big Compo 2006)
Tubo Pac
(Big Compo 2006)

Montezuma’s Remake (Big Compo 2006)
Ribbit (Big Compo 2006)



Every athlete has its
secret weapon


Ogni atleta ha la sua
arma segreta



New version of this
great racing game is out! Many improvments, balancements and bugs
fix in this release, see download page for changelog. Miniracing
online is a must, features 16 player online, ladder, F1, Rally,
Nascar and much more! Have Fun


E’ uscita una nuova
versione di questo fantastico gioco! Molti miglioramenti,
bilanciamenti e correzioni in questa versione, nel download page i
dettagli dei cambiamenti. Miniracing online e’ un must, le
principali caratteristiche comprendono gioco online fino a 16
giocatori, la ladder e vari campionati tra cui F1, Nascar, Rally e
molto altro! Buon Divertimento!



Helherron has the
classical role playing game look & feel: if you liked the older
Ultimas and Nahlakh



Helherron è un gioco
di ruolo classico, ricorda giochi come Ultima I e Nahlakh


Farewell Jag

Just found this video on
the huge tube network, i happen to watch this series in the past so i
liked to post this movie here.. farewell jag and
catherine too..

L’ultimo ciak della serie
televisiva Jag.


The Labyrinth of Time (Amiga)

A nice first-person
adventure for Amiga.


Una simpatica
avventura in prima persona per Amiga.


Dungeon Master – Return To Chaos

George Gilbert:"Return to
Chaos (hereafter RTC) is my Windows version of the FTL classic "Dungeon
Master", originally released on the Atari ST and Amiga in 1987, and its
sequels "Chaos Strikes Back" and "Dungeon Master II". Whilst I make no
claim to the idea, graphics or sounds, the program itself was entirely
written by myself; mostly as a work avoidance tactic in my final couple
of months at university. I started writing RTC to learn as I went along
the basics of game programming and as such it is the first and only game
I have ever written; please be tolerant with any bugs you find! I wish
to thank those denizens of the ‘Net who have play tested the game
exhaustively – I hope this game brings as much pleasure to you as it did
to me whilst writing it. Good luck and have fun."


Un ottimo remake ad opera
di George Gilbert, questo Return of Chaos è la versione windows(in
pratica) dei tre precedenti giochi sviluppati dalla FLT, ovvero:
Dungeon Master, Chaos Strikes Back e Dungeon Master II. Ancora in fase
di sviluppo e non esente da bugs, sembra un remake molto promettente.



New version of
Sauerbraten is out! This is a fps Quake 3 style that use an evoluted
version of Cube engine. Avaiable for Linux Mac and Windows


E’ uscita una nuova
versione di Sauerbraten! Questo gioco e’ in stile Quake 3 e usa una
versione evoluta del Cube engine. Disponibile per Linux Mac e


BattleStar Galactica 2006

A small trailer of new
version of BattleStar:Galactica

The old version can be




Sony Europe announced
today that launch of Playstation 3 in Europe, Russia, Middle East,
Africa and Australia will be in March 2007 instead of November 2006.
It seems that the delayed is issued by shortage of blue-ray laser
diodes thats are used to assembly Ps3 blue-ray player.


Sony Europa ha
annunciato oggi che il lancio della Playstation 3 in Europa, Russia,
Medio Oriente, Africa e Australia sara’ posticipato a Marzo 2007
invece di Novembre 2006. Si vocifera che la causa del ritardo e da
imputare a una carenza dei diodi laser usati per assemblare il
lettore blue-ray della Ps3



Ubisoft released
multiplayer demo of Faces of war a WW2 squad strategy game. This
demo includes 2 maps and 3 multiplayers mode over lan and internet.
Have Fun!


Ubisoft ha rilasciato
la demo di Faces of war un gioco strategico sulla seconda guerra
mondiale. Questo demo include 2 mappe 3 modalita’ multiplayer
giocabili in lan e su internet. Buon Divertimento!



L’EA ha rilasciato l’attesissima patch 1.40 di
Battlefield2 indispensabile per giocare online. Correte a scaricarlo
nella sezione download.

Scarica subito



Mage Craft is a nice game
crafted by DarthLupi(one of the best gamemaker out there), this game is
played arcade-style with rpg elements, it is worth checking, so i
suggest you to give it a go, if u don’t like it, well u spend 10 minutes
of pure entertaining and if u like it u ll play this until u get the

Over 20 spells

Huge Levels to

Many different
enemies with many different behaviors

Summon monster
ranging from Demon to Nymphs

Unique Leveling and
Spell Creation systems


Mage Craft è un ottimo
gioco realizzato da DarthLupi (un nome ben conosciuto nella comunity
Gamemaker), si gioca come un arcade(alla gauntlet) con elementi rpg,


BANG! Howdy

Author says:"Multiplayer
online tactical strategy game in a 3D Wild West setting, yee haw!
Fast-paced hybrid of turn-based and realtime strategy gameplay with a
healthy helpin’ of rootin’ tootin’ antics! Dozens of unique units,
hundreds of special playfields and over ten wild and crazy gameplay
scenarios!  Customizable avatars and collectable badges let you
show them city folk that you know how to handle yer dogies! Collect and
customize Big Shot units that complement your play style whether ya like
to take yer sweet time or go in guns ablazin’!"

Uno strategico a turni, ambientato nel far west, multiplayer online, al
momento in fase di beta(1/09/2006)


TamaGotchi Love! lol

Tamagotchi love


Happy Birthday Dofus!

I have received this
e-mail from the Dofus staff, apparently it has passed a year since the
release of this colorfull free mmo, created in Flash and with many


Ho ricevuto questa e-mail
dallo staff di Dofus, a quanto pare è passato un anno dalla release di
questo coloratissimo free mmo realizzato in Flash, e con tantissimi
giocatori sparsi per il globo.



New drivers 91.47 whql from Nvidia for all GeForce
videocards. This drivers supports Win2000, XP and mediacenter, the
file size is about 60MB.


Nvidia ha rilasciato sul suo sito i nuovi drivers
Forceware 91.47 whql per tutte le schede Geforce. I driver
supportano Win2000, XP e Mediacenter ed occupano 60MB.


Guild Wars:NIGHTFALL in-game Trailer

On the official site of
Guildwars has been released a
video in game of upcoming Nightfall(end of October 2006)

Download video

Sul sito ufficiale di
GuildWars è stato rilasciato un
nuovo video di NightFall(previsto per la fine di ottobre 2006)


SAVAGE: The Battle for Newerth 2.00

Choose to be a commander
and you will play an in-depth RTS managing the stronghold, or choose to
be a warrior and you will play an intense game of first person combat.
With the creation of a new game play genre, RTSS (Real Time Strategy
Shooter), Savage expertly redefines the first-person shooter and
real-time strategy genres by combining elements of both into one
cohesive experience. As the commander in RTS mode, you will tackle
resource management, develop a robust tech tree, plan your assault and
lead real human players into battle. As a warrior in action mode, you
will master many unique weapons, powerful units, and siege vehicles to
fight a fast paced battle.



Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn

from press
release….Aug. 24, 2006 – The legendary kingdom of Britannia—and the
online world that helped forge PC gaming’s fastest growing genre—is
about to be reborn. Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: ERTS) today announced
Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn (working title)
, an exciting new
upgrade to the genre-defining Ultima Online™. Much more than an
expansion, Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn is a complete
make-over of the online world with a new graphics engine, a
state-of-the-art user interface and enough new content for even the most
seasoned players. Additionally, nine years of content and features will
be preserved and enhanced with all-new graphics, making Ultima
Online: Kingdom Reborn
one of the largest and deepest massively
multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) in existence.


Come potete vedere hanno riammodernato la grafica,
il gameplay è rimasto identico, la grafica fa molto diablo 2 style.
Non ci ho mai giocato, ma stando a quanto si legge sul sito sono
nove anni che è in giro. Chiaramente (se non si considerano i muds)
Ultima è stato il primo MMO della storia, e a detta di molti uno dei
più belli e complessi.

Sito Ufficiale


Façade for MAC

11th August 2006 a Macintosh version of facade was released. Facade
is a new experiment in the way to narrate a story, an interactive
story in which the outcome is decided by your action and behaviours.



Windows version)

Agosto 2006 è uscita una versione per Mac di Facade.

è un esperimento che esplora nuovi modi di presentare una storia, il
finale viene deciso dai comportamenti del protagonista (noi).



Deep under the central
desert of Kronus, a vast honeycomb of skull-lined tunnels and funereal
chambers house the awakening mass of the Necron plague. Eons ago, these
were the boulevards and squares of a great necropolis built to house the
bones of the races who had fallen to the Necron purge, and ultimately
for the Necron themselves to retire to. Over the millions of years, sand
and rock had covered it all until ill-fated excavations awoke the
deathless again. Play any of seven races, striving for control over
Kronus. Take other races’ strongholds by winning challenging battles on
various maps individually associated with the respective Strongholds.

This demo(singleplayer) allows you to try out a tutorial and 2
missions, as the Tau vs. the Space Marines.


Masters of Worldcraft (super lol)

Very funny video using
World of Warcraft. U ll get the joke if u have seen the cartoon He-Man
and the masters of Universe.


Video molto divertente
realizzato usando World of Warcraft, se avete mai visto He-Man e i
dominatori dell’Universo, preparatevi a farvi due belle risate..



Inserito nei nostri archivi l’ultimo numero di GAME
e 8 arretrati. GAME e’ la prima rivista italiana GRATUITA
dedicata ai videogiochi distribuita online e nei migliori negozi.
Buona Lettura!

Scarica Subito.



Alien Arena 2007 has
been released for Windows and Linux on September 2, 2006, nearly one
year after the 2006 version. My how much can change in one year!
It’s amazing how the community has grown, and helped shape the game
into what it is today. It is safe to say, that AA2k7 barely
resembles it’s predecessor at all.
What is different? Well besides the upgrading of many textures,
models, and effects, the engine has gotten a host of new features
such as real time shadows, better dynamic lighting, shaders, new
mutators, games modes, far too much to list here. CRX 6.0 is not
only faster, smoother than before, it’s also much more stable and
secure. Most of all…it’s the maps! With 37 in total, it’s hard to
believe that so many of the old maps have been discontinued.
Now with Galaxy 2.0 serving as a front end, players can feel more
connected to the community than ever before, and track their own as
well as other players stats with a click of the mouse! With a built
in IRC client, users can chat with others, or stay abreast of latest
tourney news, or get help if they have problems with the game.
Alien Arena 2007 has landed…Get your guns out!


Una nuova versione di Alian Arena e’ stata appena rilasciata per
Windows e Linux. Alien Arena e’ un gioco completamente free in stile
Quake 3. La versione 20007 porta numerose novita’ tra cui l’utilizzo
del nuovo engine grafico CRX 6.0. Buon frag a tutti!

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