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Comments and Rating for the file POYO

Author: "Poyo is a platformer, based on using quick reflexes and the like to manuever your way through each level. Poyo features a total of 45 normal levels and 6 bosses, divided into 5 worlds. So it is somewhat long in the first run at least. It may take you a good 3 hours to get through it, and it could take you even years if you put the game on and leave your computer on for a year or two. The point is that Poyo isn't a short game. The game is carried along with a vague storyline of a kingdom called Netherwurld fallen into the hands of a tyrant, and the struggle of a little blue creature seeking his way to freedom."

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» Author: dtd. 22.02.2007
» Size 4.2 MB; Needed time to download 9,531 Min with ISDN
» Total Hits: 564