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Alien Arena 2007 has been released for Windows and Linux on September 2, 2006, nearly one year after the 2006 version. My how much can change in one year! It's amazing how the community has grown, and helped shape the game into what it is today. It is safe to say, that AA2k7 barely resembles it's predecessor at all.

What is different? Well besides the upgrading of many textures, models, and effects, the engine has gotten a host of new features such as real time shadows, better dynamic lighting, shaders, new mutators, games modes, far too much to list here. CRX 6.0 is not only faster, smoother than before, it's also much more stable and secure. Most of's the maps! With 37 in total, it's hard to believe that so many of the old maps have been discontinued.

Now with Galaxy 2.0 serving as a front end, players can feel more connected to the community than ever before, and track their own as well as other players stats with a click of the mouse! With a built in IRC client, users can chat with others, or stay abreast of latest tourney news, or get help if they have problems with the game.

Alien Arena 2007 has landed...Get your guns out!

Una nuova versione di Alian Arena e' stata appena rilasciata per Windows e Linux. Alien Arena e' un gioco completamente free in stile Quake 3. La versione 20007 porta numerose novita' tra cui l'utilizzo del nuovo engine grafico CRX 6.0. Buon frag a tutti!


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