Bumper Jumper

Bumper Jumper is an arcade-y, high-score, bounce-em-up. Color the whole arena to score points and earn $$$ to unlock new cosmetic items. Inspired by the likes of Qix, Geometry Wars, and Pixeljunk Eden… The game requires an Xbox controller to play.


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Matt Makes Games Gamespack 2011

Matt Makes Games and we gamepack them.. 😆


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Jumper Three

Ogmo returns in Jumper Three, 3 years since his last appearance. Guide Ogmo in his search for a home on a myserious planet. Over the course of the game Ogmo will split into five seperate forms with completely different abilities, and you will have to switch between each of them to overcome the many obstacles in your path. Features 50+ stages. USB gamepad support is included.


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