Promoting Need for Speed:pro street

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Yea the best part of Need for Speed games: the girls.

After watching this promotional images for NFS:pro street i can barely remember the name of the game 😀

I don’t speak polish so i guess it’s a reportage of the making of the commercial.. Link

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5 Responses to “Promoting Need for Speed:pro street”

  1. this is the only good thing of the game 😀

  2. si es de autos que sea de autos si es porno por favor no confundan o es que no son capaces de armar una buena publicidad. “lo cortes no quita lo valiente”

  3. Hola amigo, creo que intiendo lo que dices, sigo pensando que esta es la mejor parte del juego… 😆

    ..publicidad(niñas) 😆

    Hello friend, I think I understand what you say, I still think that this is the best part of the game … 😆

    advertising(girls) .. 😆

  4. By lee on October 23, 2009

    this is fucking awesome

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