Pandora Saga comes to the US

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Pandora Saga is set in a fantasy world of medieval Europe which designed in rich graphic texture and details. Enjoy yourself over the PvP challenge and exciting large-scale war among nations. Story based quest with cinematic upon completion of the quest and various sub quest to complete.

Pandora Saga (Atlus)
10 bytes - 373 downloads

Pandora Saga (Rosso)
10 bytes - 621 downloads

Ultimate Fighting System
Adopted in medieval warfare, players fight on the field with siege weapons and cavalry, besieging castles. Leadership and tactics will determine the victor of the war!!
3 nations, 6 races with unique abilities, 4 basic class which opens the path to 28 advanced classes, 140 skills X 25 category of skills.

Epic Battle
Draw a magnificent story of a fight with the three nations.
Large-scale war against the players at the chaotic borderline of three nations. Kill your enemy to gain honour points.
Honour points determines your ranking. In addition, use honour points to exchange for special equipments from Item Exchange NPC!!

Highly optimized graphics and contents
Gonzo Rosso-GDH brings you the first Japan-made MMORPG
Despite the high quality graphics, lower specification computer able to run smoothly even in a full-scale war with the gaming graphics engine in Pandora Saga.

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  1. By Ethan John Peters on September 22, 2011

    Hey can someone tell me if you can play this on a mac, because when i look it up on google and below the link to this site in the description it says that it can be played on Mac Lynux and Windows, but I’m not having any luck finding a mac download link.

    Can some one help me out, please?

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