Heroic Dark

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Heroic Dark is a 3D action horror game designed by “Veltina” and programmed by “26 degrees C”. It’s a fairly simple game where you go down a deep and dark basement while fighting phantoms. You play with Eris Philia, a somewhat tomboyish princess who grew up spending a lot of her time at church. Through her upbringing at the church, she was eventually able to wield the power of a great holy sword that is treasured in her kingdom (her time at church helped her into becoming a knight).

She sets out to visit an old abandoned chapel where it is rumored that people are disappearing, but when she enters, she can’t immediately find anything out of the ordinary…until she touches an old statue. A secret set of stairs appears before her when the statue moves on its own after being touched. Since Eris is a girl full of curiousity, she goes down the stairs, but the statue ends up moving back to its default position and trapping Eris. Now, she has no choice but to keep going down the labyrinth while witnessing horrific events and occassionally meeting other people.

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Heroic Dark v1.11a
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