Free Falcon v6.0

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Free Falcon is a community build freeware simulation of primarily the F-16 Fighting Falcon, though a number of other jets can be flown.

Link to Official Site? (source code and documentaion)

The previous version can be found HERE

The game requires the free utility 7zip to be extracted.

Free Falcon 6.0
891.4 MiB - 11,837 downloads

Other Downloads:

Free Falcon Cockpit Pack
397.2 MiB - 6,400 downloads

FF6 Balkans Theater
775.5 MiB - 4,620 downloads

FF6 Taiwan Theater
806.6 MiB - 4,413 downloads

FF6 Israelian Theater
1.1 GiB - 4,724 downloads

FF6 Aegean Theater
729.0 MiB - 4,652 downloads


This is a one-click-install, you do not need anything else. Back up any of your files, log book or profiles that you intend to keep. After you install enter Falcon, effect your changes, set up your hardware and then exit.

“Download the FreeFalcon 6 Installer onto your desktop. Use 7Zip to extract the files. It will automatically create a folder on your desktop open this folder and inside there will be two files. The FreeFalcon6.0_Installer and the Source.FF5. DO NOT move either of these files, they must reside in the same path(folder/location) for the Installer to work.

Launch the FreeFalcon6.0_Installer.

(It is recommended that you keep the original download for future Update releases in case a Re-Install is required.)

Theater Install:

The theater installers are also one-click installers. Just download the installer and follow the same basic process of unzipping the file and then clicking on the *.exe file and the installer will do the rest. Theater available: Balkans, Taiwan, Aegean and ITO.


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25 Responses to “Free Falcon v6.0”

  1. By Sternhammer on November 24, 2013

    FANTASTIC !! I’ve heard great things about this and am really looking forward to playing the new theaters. Many thanks for showcasing.

  2. By Sternhammer on November 25, 2013

    Thanks FireSword, appreciate it.

  3. By Thumper206 on July 21, 2014

    Hey guys. I tried downloading the Falcon 6 installer zip but it seems to freeze when about 99% downloaded. I’ve tried twice and it did it both times. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! And thank you for your hard work!

    • Thanks. No idea, the download works for me, if you don’t use, try to use an external program to download (or use a plugin for your browser). Check if you have enough free disk space…

  4. By david on July 22, 2014

    Avast! detected a virus while trying to download FreeFalcon6.0. Apart from the fact that the project is ofically dead.

    • Hi, i use Avira Antivirus, and detected no virus, btw just to be sure i have uploaded a new version of the file (checked this one too and no virus).

  5. By Vosje76 on July 27, 2014

    Thx for your work fireSword. Cant’t wait to fly this bird again. After many years of flying in f4af I lost track the last few years. Now I’ve got time again with me and look where that brought me to, ff6! Grtz from Belgium.

  6. By Mike on October 15, 2014

    Thx very much for holding these FF6 files!
    I have FF6 installed, I have downloaded the FF6 Balkan Theater, but when double-clicking on the .exe I get the error:

    Unable to read FreeFalcon Version

    I have unzipped both the .exe and the source.dat in the same directory, maybe it happens only with the Balkans theatre, and not with the others? (I still dl the others).
    Any help very appreciated, thanks.


  7. By Ravi on October 21, 2014

    how I set to 64 bit processor with windows 8

  8. By Antonius A. Budyono on April 21, 2015

    Thanks FireSword…for the link you share…

  9. By qq on August 11, 2016

    hello have a nice day

  10. By 12 on August 11, 2016

    I am the king of this post! no one has visited for over an year!

  11. By Cobra55305 on September 5, 2017

    Falcon BMS 4.33 is to real. I can’t figure out how to fire a Maverick. FF6 is FUN.

    Thanks for keeping it alive!

  12. By Reeeee on February 3, 2018

    Huh, Neato, this was easier to install than Falcon BMS and hopefully easier to learn.

  13. By Thinith Madawa on November 9, 2018

    why is when i run the game it will show pink screen only and it will close automaticly

  14. By Mani on June 2, 2019

    I have downloaded and installed, but it is not working properly. When I starting the game, it is being played but as soon as the flighing start, it has been stopped and window show the message “Falcon 4 FF Viper has stopped working..” Is there anyone who solve this problem?

  15. By JIm on January 11, 2020

    Amazing!!! Thank you .

  16. By Jo on August 18, 2020

    Thank you so much for doing this all that time ago, it seems in 2020 there is still a potential falcon 4 community out there just waiting for a falcon sim that isn’t just for ex-pilots like BMS.

  17. By sddd on February 9, 2021

    Thank you, almost a forgotten treasure. Love the theaters. A bit stuttery and giving CTD’s at times.

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