A comment about recent released freegames (ad-supported)

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Recently have been released as free ad-supported this (old) games, i added them in the archive..

The Suffering

Full Spectrum Warrior

Rise and Fall

Area 51

I read some of the comments around the web, and some comments around this website too, and i saw some gamers had some problems with this softwares, one in particular said he had a problem with ‘Softwrap’… After some googling investigation, i found out this (should) be an anti-piracy (copy protection) system, which if you ask me is quite absurd to put such a thing in a free game don’t you think? Can’t they put a simple banner without forcing us to install adware, drm, copy protection or other crap in our computers? I am not a programmer so i really can’t say how things works.

But i can give some suggestions and here we go:

1-NEVER install free or commercial games on your work pc, they contains (most of them) hidden stuff and invasive copy protections.

2-Playing safe is easy, just do another partition in your hard-drive, install your (windows xp, linux, react os) and you have 2 working OS, the one where you can play craps or surf not-thrusted site and the other for normal use. If something screw up your OS, u can easily format and re-install.

3-Boot and load your os from a USB pen, you can do it with linux and others OS, not sure if this is available with windows xp too (but it should be).

4-You could also use Virtual Machine, just to check if the installation contains malware, before installing in the real computer. (sometimes when i have suspects i do this way)

If you have guides or suggestions.. comments are below.

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2 Responses to “A comment about recent released freegames (ad-supported)”

  1. Hello FireSword…

    I´m a huge fan of your site and I have Downloaded all this ad-supported games from Midway.

    The only one who I did no like so much is Area 51.

    I´m playbg the Full Wall About 100% of my Free time 😉

    And I Do not have any problems with any one of this games…

    Tks for your job on this site…

  2. Hi Kall,

    Thanks for taking the time to write a comment, i really appreciate it, cause on some of the last comments i was start thinking this games caused only trouble.. 😆

    And thanks for the kind words and of course for visiting 😉

    Cya ’round mate.

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