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dark_warriors_02.jpgDark Warriors is a multi player online role-play game (MPORPG). While the game play primarily takes place in one land (Westland) at the current time, there has been some discussion of opening more areas to explore in the future. This game is currently under development, so be prepared for changes in game play, new additions and tweaks to existing areas of the game.


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  1. By Moehog on February 14, 2009

    Crappy game since the big man behnd it founds it more interesting to use paid subscribers as milking cows, and also abusing his powers to break the game rules.
    Free mentioning of critisisme against the game leaders is forbidden, same as having critics against game chances as all psots will be deleted without any explaination.
    Many great players are or will be leaving the game due too these things some even got accused of cheating and other stuff they never done and found their accoutns deleted.

    Game leaders forgetting the legal rights by law that paid game subscribers have and still abuse their powers.

    Personaly i recommend not to play this game

    Greetz Moehog an soon to be former player after 15 months of playing this game and seeing myself totally unhappy with it

  2. Hi Moehog, thanks for the review-impression, i’ve never played this game, so if some other player wanna agree or disagree with moehog please do so.

    I also find out i didn’t put the link to game back when i made the post.. 😆

    Fixed, now there is the link..

    Cya. 😉

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