America’s Army: Special Forces v2.8.3

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The latest version of America’s Army: Special Forces (Overmatch) has been released! This new release, v2.8.3 has focused primarily on enhancing game-play and frames-per-second performance as well as drastically reducing the file download size by almost a full gigabyte! Based on players feedback, the Development Team has worked hard to “tighten up” many of the issues that you’ve told us about. New to this version is an Instant Action feature which will allow new players to jump directly into non-SF qualified missions. We’ve also added a new America’s Army Loader Screen which automatically alerts you if you do not have the most current version of America’s Army installed. The AA Loader Screen also contains several buttons to help find the information you want quickly, as well as bring you the latest America’s Army news. V2.8.3 features the debut of Every Soldier a Sensor. ES2 is a system that uses each Soldier on the battlefield to allow the Squad Leader to have a better understanding of the entire scope and conditions of the mission. To check out this exciting new feature jump into one of the newly updated SF Extraction servers.


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