Scratch (educational tool)

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Scratch is a new programming language that makes it easy to create your own interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art — and share your creations on the web.

Scratch is designed to help young people (ages 8 and up) develop 21st century learning skills. As they create Scratch projects, young people learn important mathematical and computational ideas, while also gaining a deeper understanding of the process of design.

Scratch is available free of charge.
Currently available for Mac OSX and Windows. DOWNLOAD

Watch a video

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3 Responses to “Scratch (educational tool)”

  1. Nice! Reminds me of Clickteam’s The Games Factory I learnt in school long time ago 🙂

    BTW, you’ve got a great site – found some goodies here that I haven’t seen before.

  2. Hi Roys thank you for your kindness..

    Check the file archive for more stuff (like gamemaker, ags, and many sdk).. https://www.g4g.it/download/index.php?subcat=51

    I wish you luck on your website too.. 😉

  3. Yeah, already went through the entire archives last weekend and subscribed to your RSS feed 🙂

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