STAR WARS: Dark Resurrection (Fan movie)

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Dark Resurrection is an experimental Non-Profit movie inspired by Star Wars and split into two episodes lasting 60 minutes each. Even if it has been realized with limited means and with a very low budget (approximately 7000 Euro) the LucasFilm itself, after having watched the trailer, defined it “Truly Amazing”. Result of both digital technology and creator’s passion, this project has attracted the attention of the most important italian magazines (Ciak, Jack, XL, Panorama etc etc). The cast is mainly composed by amateurs, but there are also several professionals who have been attracted by all the rumors generated by the trailer on the web. These professional actors decided to offer their collaboration for free. Between them, we recall: Sergio Muniz, Giorgia Wurth, Enzo Aronica, Riccardo Leto, Fabrizio Rizzolo. The narrating voice is from Claudio Sorrentino, the Italian voice of Mel Gibson and John Travolta.

DOWNLOAD: Movie with english subtitles or  Movie HD in italian (no eng subs) 

or you can watch it online in low resolution:


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