EA Land – The Sims Online goes free

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EA-Land, is a world that is free-to-play, and based on a re-engineered The Sims Online architecture. Free.


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  1. By ddd on May 4, 2009

    i can’t download this. it always says: Page Load Error
    does it have a requirement or something?

  2. Hi, thanks for the comment, i checked out and apparently the game has been shut down.

    The game is closed.

    If you want you can check..

    Trinua – https://www.g4g.it/download/comment.php?dlid=2893

    or Second Life – https://www.g4g.it/download/comment.php?dlid=1473

    And probably you already know, there is Sims 3 (Online not free) coming soon…


    If you wanna know how Ea Land Sims Online looked like here is a video…



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