Spring:1944 v0.2 (open source ww2 rts)

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Spring:1944 is a WWII themed game based on the open source Spring Engine. Author’ s goal is to create four fully functional sides (US, Germany, USSR, Britain) with period-accurate units and strengths. Realism is a primary design goal, second only to creating a game that is fun and accessible to play.


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  1. Hello. I am one of the Spring:1944 developers, and I’d like to let people know that this build (as uploaded on this site) does not work.

    Whoever re-packaged the game for use on this site did it poorly, and so it will not work out of the box. Unfortunately, I don’t see any easy way to get in touch with admins about this issue.

    Once again, the fact that this game WILL NOT WORK as it is posted on this site is not a problem with the game – the uploader (or whoever added the g4g.it text files to the zip) broke the game by unzipping S44LiteRelease.sdz. To fix (although this won’t work for multiplayer): unzip the folder. then take the contents of S44LiteRelease and zip them into a standard zip file named S44LiteRelease.sdz. File-structure-wise, it must be the innards of the game directly inside the zip – no containing folder that holds all of the smaller files and folders.

    If anyone is still struggling, please stop by our forums at http://spring1944.com/s44/phpBB3/index.php

  2. Hi Nemo. I am the one to blame for the unzip thing eh eh.. To get in contact with viewers i use the comments or forums, beacouse i don ‘t check e-mail every day, hmm but if you had problems getting in contact with us i think we must set up better 😉

    Anyway I re-upped a new versionof of the zip with the .sdz untouched, please let me know if it’s ok now. I didn’t have time to try myself, but when i visited spring1944 site i found it an intriguing and nice crafted rts game (plus it’s free), so i wanted to include a mirror.

    Btw for any problems, new versions or you want me to remove the download, don’t hesitate to tell me (through comments of forum if possible)and i will provide.

    To all the downloaders sorry for any inconvinience, the game is perfect, it was just our fault.
    Thanks to Nemo for giving us the information.

  3. Thx for the info 😀

  4. By Jamez on December 18, 2008

    Hey How do I join your game?

  5. hi james, this game is not made by us. As suggested in the first comment go visit official game forum. I simply added a version of the game client in the archive.

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