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The day the Iffermoon crashed, the world changed forever. Your name is Silence, a young creature of unknown origin who finds himself in the Kingdom of Dinost, an ancient land filled with life and mystery. The inhabitants there have been at war with a creature called Cosmose since the day he emerged from a mechanical menace called the Iffermoon. The Iffermoon’s origins are shrouded in controversy, but it’s said that it once brought life to the planet. After the crash however, that all changed. Now all life in Dinost is in danger of not just being destroyed, but being reprogrammed. In Iffermoon, you will explore your new world and meet many unique characters who will be willing to join your party and help you on your quest to defeat Cosmose. Customize your party into a formidable fighting team for action based battles, engaging in physical combat as well as traditional rpg style commands. There are also three complete games within this game, accessible through arcade machines, each with their own rewards to improve your abilities on your central quest.


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