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(image refers to the movie Shooter)

There are a lot of free fps out there.. lately i was wondering if there is someone who is playing them all, or which one is worth playing.. well, fire in the hole … 😆

Combat Arms

Wolf Team

BattleField Heroes (Released in Q1 2009)

Quake Live (not yet released)


ParaBellum (uses unreal engine 3 – beta)


Operation 7

BlackShot (closed-beta)

FEAR Combat (Not mmo but recommended)

America’s Army (version 3 coming soon)

And many many more free fps, more than 135 free fps in total… you can search by yourself by browsing our archive (in the fps category)

Video 2: Time is running out

Video 3: Swat – Soundtrack

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3 Responses to “Free FPS WAR”

  1. By Walter O'Dim on January 13, 2009

    Well, I haven’t quite played them ALL, but as far as wich ones are worth giving a shot (lol pun)…

    Combat Arms:
    Fun game, the maps feel cramped though, especially with all the ‘nade spam.

    Wolf Team:
    Haven’t played it, I’m not a furry.

    BattleField Heroes:
    Haven’t played it, obviously

    Quake Live:
    see above

    Very fun, good (and large) maps, not as customizable as some, but the vehicles and classes make it fun, like the battlefield series. Unfortunately its now a small miracle to play a whole match without any hackers ruining it.

    Not in the beta, afraid my comp doesn’t meet requirements anyway 😐

    Haven’t played… yet. Watch this space.

    Operation 7:
    LOTs of customization, varied game types, well designed maps, although they are a bit on the small side. Tip: Flash bangs are extremely effective. Only problem I have is a little lag, it doesnt seem like its just me either. Overall my favorite of the ones I’ve played in this list.

    Haven’t played, closed beta

    FEAR Combat:
    gameplay is good, a little more like unreal or quake than the above, more realistic shooters. It was fun but it got a little bland after a while imo.

    America’s Army:
    Haven’t played. I dunno why, I guess I’m just not interested in playing propaganda

  2. Wow, very nice short reviews, well done Walter.

  3. By Walter O'Dim on January 13, 2009

    Thank you firesword. Since I posted this I’ve played CrossFire, so let me add…

    The gameplay has no problems, so this could develop into a great game, but right now there are only a handfull of maps and just three game modes. Customization is low, but there is a good number of distinct weapon choices. The graphics are a bit worse than the others, but they are adequate for the game, and as a plus it makes things run more smoothly.

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