Pirate Galaxy Online (3D Browser MMO)

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PIRATE GALAXY is a massively multiplayer online game set in the distant future.

It is a dark age for humankind. The different species of the galaxy compete aggressively for CRYONITE, the most valuable mineral in the known universe. The MANTIS, a ruthless and powerful breed of space aliens, have gained supremacy over the cryonite-bearing planets. Aggressively defending their strongholds and trade routes, they have condemned all other civilizations of the galaxy to bottom feeding. Whoever controls the Cryonite, controls the galaxy!

You take the role of a daring starship pilot, joining an organization of space pirates determined to take back from the Mantis what they have taken from you — the pride, the dignity, and the liberty of the human race!

This is playable directly in the Browser!
I don’t know if this works for Linux and Macintosh too, please if someone with those system can tell me if the game works under linux and mac, thanks in advance.

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4 Responses to “Pirate Galaxy Online (3D Browser MMO)”

  1. I loved this one. Can i get more pirated games?

  2. For ‘Pirated’ games i guess you mean games where you can play as a pirate…

    Well i don’t know if u are a bot or a guy who ad-spam but just in case for others viewers who could come by i put this short list…

    Voyage Century Online

    Tales of Pirates (Pirate King Online)

    Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean Online

    Buccaneer: The Pursuit of Infamy Demo

    And many many more games, just go to the Download Archive, and use the search function by searching for the word pirate..

    Have Fun! Yarr.

  3. By Some Guy on November 1, 2011

    Doesn’t work on Linux or Mac. I tried just yesterday via browser and the site informed me they don’t yet support (but hope to in the future) Linux or Mac. Someone else gave it a go with Wine but apparently couldn’t keep up with the frequent updates.

    Shame too. This was exactly the sort of game I was looking for.

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