Karnn Age Lite

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Karnn Age is an intense top down survival shooter available XBox Live Indie Games and PC. It features :

-9 Levels.
-4 Difficulty levels.
-3 Epic boss fights.
-Automatic save of your best replays per level / difficulty.
-Replays of every level on Hard difficulty to teach advanced survival tricks.
-9 incredibly entertaining old school songs (3 on PC or Lite version on XBOX).

Free PC version now available !

In order to make the game accessible to more people, the authors are releasing a free version of Karnn Age Lite for PC ! It is exactly the same has the XBOX Version, except that it also supports mouse/keyboard for input !

If you enjoy the game, please support the authors by buying the game on XBOX Live Indie Games ! You will find 2 versions of Karnn Age on XBox Live, Normal and Lite. Lite is the same as PC, and the normal version has a bigger music selection (9 songs instead of 3).


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  1. By Máté on August 12, 2009

    Looks epileptic. 😀 That spider didnt rly looks like a spider imo.

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