Star Alliances (mmo-rts)

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Trial accounts in SA never expire. They can be played 7 days a week and 52 weeks a year just like a paid account. However, of course there is a catch or two. The first day a trial account is registered, that account is given 2 hours of play time. After that first day, each subsequent day the account is given 1 hour to play. Additionally, access to higher technology, like corvettes, destroyers, and battleships, is restricted making fighters and escorts the mainstay for trial accounts. However, trial accounts have the same front row seat to the carnage that paid accounts do, perhaps only with smaller guns. The time limit should fit most any casual gamer’s daily allotment, but should you need more, a one time subscription can be bought at any time.


Dark Sky Entertainment has announced the launch of Star Alliances, a new online game which gives the player massive amounts of customization with the ability to jump into the midst of interstellar war instantly. Unlike Beyond Protocol, the other game made by Dark Sky Entertainment, Star Alliances focuses more on the intensity of fighting for supremacy, and less on the complex strategy of building an empire.


* Massively multiplayer real-time strategy game
* Join thousands in a persistent and epic galactic conflict
* Earn influence by defeating your enemies
* Use that influence to advance your military by upgrading your unit and structure designs
* Coordinate with other members of your faction to defend and attack other factions
* Control systems and wormholes to move the fight deeper into enemy territory
* Huge playing arena, battle on planets and in space simultaneously in a large galaxy
* Conquer planets to acquire resources to fuel your military
* Easy methods to jump in and join the war effort immediately

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