S.U.N. Soul of the Ultimate Nation

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MMORPG representing the perfect balance between advantages of console package RPG and the battle system of MORPG. Users can communicate within the town to form a community and play through various economic activities. In addition, by operating a unique battle zone system, users are able to enjoy stylish combats and experience the story line.

In Soul of the Ultimate Nation’s Battle Zone System, users are able to choose a map, difficulty, number of participants, and reward type to personalize the battle and dungeon. In addition, depending on the way users choose it can differ from Mission, Hunting, PVP, and Event.

LINK to Soul of the Ultimate Nation

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  1. Only for USA/Canada/Mexico, and ….. UK(?) … ! ijji really sux now 🙁

  2. By Máté on September 8, 2009

    Cool. The 2. vid reminds me of Clive Brker’s Jerico 4 some reason. Btw. webzen should have realesed Huxley as a full-price game that is free after u bought it.

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