Dungeons & Dragons Online Unlimited has launched

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Turbine ‘s Dungeons and Dragons based MMO is launching today.
The new version is free to play with micro transaction system.

Dungeons & Dragons Online
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5 Responses to “Dungeons & Dragons Online Unlimited has launched”

  1. I was in the beta of this game for a quite a while. The game is pretty original for a MMO the environments are highly interactive. However, the game is hardly free to play. After you get to lvl 4 you cant progress much further without buying map packs. Unless you really love replaying the same 1-2 zones on hardest modes and still max out at lvl 5 without new zones. You will run out of new content quickly . Each map pack costs about the same as a monthly subscription $8-$18 US. In beta i beat some of the map packs in less then 4 hours soloing. Unless you don’t mind monthly fee’s i wouldn’t suggest this game.

  2. definitely not a demo however with the amount of map packs and things you will want to do but cant without paying money it would be better/ more cost effective to just subscribe and pay monthly then to try pay as you go.

  3. By Vehementi on October 27, 2009

    It’s still f2p. There is a favor system that you earn points from. And others can buy you adventure packs.

    You can either play for free and quest enough to get more packs or have some good friends with VIP. I know people who didn’t get guess passes but just quested to level 15 in 3 weeks.

    For the record I got to level 8 before I decided to contribute to the company by going VIP. There are always groups doing favor runs. That was with only 26 hours of playing over 2 weeks. >_>

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