GameMaker Pack for Windows (2009)

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This is a collection of various ‘gamemakers’, tools to create games without writing a single line of code or minimal code. This programs are for windows, here the details:

GameMaker 7.0 (create 2d games)
This is a great tool, the shareware edition is very generous.
At some point will be available for Mac too. (beta currently)

NovaShell (focus on Adventure, RPG)
This is a game creation system, more focused on creation on adventure and RPG (role playing games). Novashell is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

WME – winter Mute Engine (Create Adventure)
Wintermute Engine Development Kit is a set of tools for creating and running graphical “point and click” adventure games, both traditional 2D ones and modern 2.5D games (3D characters on 2D backgrounds).

AGS – Adventure Game Studio (Create Adventure)
Adventure Game Studio allows you to create your own point-and-click adventure games, similar to the early 90’s Sierra and Lucasarts adventures. It consists of an easy-to-use editor to create your games, and a run-time engine to play them.

Contruct (create 2d games)
Construct is a free open-source game creator for DirectX 9-based games. It includes an event based system for defining how the game will behave, in a visual, human-readable way – without programming! It’s intuitive for beginners, yet powerful for advanced users. Optionally, expert users can also use Python scripting to add code to your creations.

DOWNLOAD GameMaker Pack for windows 2009

I left out a lot of tools (i am sure of) like mmo makers, 3d engine, compilers, sdk and so on.. you can
check the others gamemaker tools HERE
Or suggest a brand new one or one i don’t know.

P.s The Guy in the first picture is Professor. Overmars, he don’t play Football-Soccer 😆
so i guess he is one of the minds behind GameMaker program.

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