TearDown’s Alien Assault v1.0

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“Join the human resistance force against the oncoming alien invasion.”

A turn based top down strategy game taking place on abandoned space ships infested with the deadly aliens and it is your job to kill them all.

Download Alien Assault v1.0


Aliens The BoardGame in Flash

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2 Responses to “TearDown’s Alien Assault v1.0”

  1. By Gonzo on September 30, 2009

    Wow! astro marines from Starship troopers and aliens from horror clix?
    Great idea!

    • Actually this is (as you probably already know) Space Hulk without the copyright names and graphic..

      I would like to add that according to teardown’s forum, a macintosh version will (should) be available soon, and there is a mod to play as the colonial marines of the famous aliens movie.

      Get this games guys while it’s hot.. 😆

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