Operation FlashPoint 2 vs Modern Warfare 2

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FlashPoint 2 or Modern Warfare 2? It’s a big dilemma! 😆
I am pretty undecided if going Battlefield (fp2) style or Counter-strike (cod4) style..
They are both good games with plenty of hours to waste consume with.. 😆

You have a favourite or you are going to buy both (or none)?

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8 Responses to “Operation FlashPoint 2 vs Modern Warfare 2”

  1. By satrincha on October 7, 2009

    Modern Warfare 2 for sure (but when it will be at right price)! I read there is no multiplayer in OpF2 ! (only 4 in coop)

    • Operation FlashPoint 2: Dragon Rising also features a multiplayer mode. In storyline co-op mode, several human players can play through the singleplayer campaign together, each human player replacing a computer-controlled character. There are also the pure multiplayer modes Annihilation and Infiltration, with more multiplayer modes promised for after the release of the main game.

      The multiplayer numbers are 16vs16 on PC and 4vs4 + 3 AI per person on consoles

      In co-op mode, human-controlled characters must stay within 275m of each other. In PvP missions the area of operations is limited to 4 square kilometers.

  2. By Máté on October 7, 2009

    If I know well it will be something like ARMA but not so realistic.

    • From what i heard…

      in of2 1 bullet can kill and firearms go straight, no rambo style..
      You are part of a team of 4 when u got killed u loose a life, when all 4 dies (your squad is wiped out) game over or next round in multiplayer.
      Plus i think Arma 2 and OF2 are (should be) made by two different teams of programmers.

  3. By Máté on October 8, 2009

    Operation Flashpoint 1 was made by the Czecz Bohemia Interactive who made/is making simulators for armys, but they quarreled with Ubisoft and the title stayed in Ubi’s hands. In 2007 Arma and now Arma 2 were made by Bohemia, so i guess Ubi wanted 2 do something with the old title.

  4. By bmxtank on June 9, 2011

    operation flashpoint ?? I have the 1.46 version and need the resistance package to get a lot of things to work so I decided to reprogram the addons to 1.46 due to this I still needed to download resistance so I contacted codemasters ubi Bohemia if it was ok to build myself my own patch and it works all to say is that if you want to get things working do it yourself

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