Interstellar Marines: The Vault

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Made with the Unity engine and experienced directly in your browser, The Vault is the next step in the journey that is Zero Point Software’s Interstellar Marines.

“The Vault” is the first step on a long journey which will forever change the way you preview Interstellar Marines. Envisaged as the 21st century’s take on a game’s screenshot and video previewer, The Vault is an in-engine concept preview of some of the characters in Interstellar Marines.

To enter The Vault Click here

In the words of one of the developers:

“We’re developing a AAA Indie title here. That doesn’t mean we’re low budget. In fact it means that we’ll go that little bit further than your traditional developers and publishers in getting gamers excited about Interstellar Marines.” Says Game Director Kim Joergensen. “Screenshots and videos are so last century. We’re making a big budget interactive game, and I for one expect our community to start the journey through this interactive experience a long time before the game launches, in fact our business model demands it!”.

“The AAA Indie business model means that we’re a bunch of Indie developers financed not by a publisher, but by the game community and a select group of private investors. We need our community to believe in us and our game before it launches, we need them to support us in the development of our uncompromised vision.

Every time we get a hit to our website, every time we get a member joining our community, every time a member upgrades to a premium account, the community is helping us build Interstellar Marines.” Co-Founder Nicolai Groenborg explains. “To get that sort of commitment and support from our community we also need to be doing something special in return. The Vault is the next step in our commitment to the community in how we’ll deliver upon that promise. We’re already working on more releases like The Vault, each of which will be even more spectacular than the last – hold on Marines, you’re all in for one hell of a ride!”

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  1. By Máté on October 15, 2009

    Thats a shark-dog-cat! AARGH!
    Looks nice btw.

    • Ye Sharks in space are wierd, i guess Xenomorph are over-exhausted.. Sharks are carnivores and i am pretty sure their bite is quite painful.. 😆

      The point of this is that the developers are trying to get 30 bucks from 75,000 player for three games which are in development, basically they have no publisher, the players are the publisher! Just by buying the game in advance! that’s cool.

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