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GCO is a space and planetary combat MMO that takes place in a massive galaxy. The game is developed by 3000AD, a company with over twenty years experience in developing high end and hard core space/planetary combat games such as the Battlecruiser and Universal Combat series, and most recently the All Aspect Warfare games.

It is however not a traditional MMO. For one thing, though the servers are capable of supporting tens of thousands of players, each game Universe only allows up to 256 players. There is no instancing, sharding or waiting in a game lobby queue to play.

Link to GCO in the Archive

It is vastly different from current and upcoming space combat MMO games in many, manys ways. A short list of features and technologies include:

* Seamless space and planetary game worlds with the ability to travel between space and planets seamlessly.
* Real time twitch (no dice rolling) based action gameplay.
* Trading and exploration are complimentary and not a primary focus of gameplay.
* Twelve player races and eight careers to choose.
* Short career path with each career having the ability to reach a high rank rapidly and without an endless grind.
* A vast number of player controlled crafts including capital ships (carriers, cruisers, transports), fighters, vehicles etc.
* Basic and intuitive trading model with ability to trade with NPC units, space stations, planetary bases and other players.
* Player fleet owned space stations, planetary bases and cities.
* Ability to build a variety of assets based on career and rank. No complex crafting.
* Space flight combat action as well as first person, aerial and vehicle combat action on planets.
* Full 3D cockpit/bridge interface for all player controlled assets.
* Over 100+ player controlled space and planetary assets ranging from planetary vehicles to massive battleships.
* First and third person perspective gameplay.
* Ability to exist in first person mode inside stations.
* Ability to exist in first person mode inside capital ships (carriers, cruisers, transports) supported via add-on expansion module.
* Supports a variety of controllers including mouse, joystick, analog gamepads, XB360 Controller For Windows etc.

Two business model.

* Free-To-Play (F2P) w/ micro-transactions. Limited feature set. Sector (gameplay restricted to a certain section of space/planets e.g. Terran) servers.
* Monthly Subscription. Complete feature set. Some micro-transactions. Universe (no gameworld restrictions) servers.

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