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The Free Trial is (obviously) limited, but i think it’s pretty good for the casual player. Or maybe not.. 😆

CrimeCraft is a Persistent World Next-gen Shooter set in a fictional city in the near future where the price of life is far less than the value of reputation. Players must do whatever it takes to survive amidst the chaos of Sunrise City.


* Crime – Following economic collapse, lawlessness prevailed and the government built Sunrise City as a penal colony to house the increased criminal element. Perform various “tasks” and “jobs” for money and experience which can be used to help you gain a reputation, learn new trade skills and perform new abilities in battle.

* Craft – Use the loot gained from battle to create your own weapons, clothing and performance boosts.

* Unreal Technology – Explore the vast world of Sunrise City beautifully rendered by the powerful Unreal Engine 3.

* Intense TPS action – Battle other players or AI enemies with a wide range of weapons, explosives, abilities, and enhancements at your disposal.

* Pay your way – Flexible payment models that lower the barriers of entry and give players options based on their playing style.

* Personalize – Amazing depth in the variety of clothes, weapons, items, and skills available to distinguish your character and your crew from the masses playing online.

* Team up – Form virtual gangs to build a reputation, assign rankings, pool money and goods, and buy gang hideouts.

* Underground Economy – Control the quality and cost of manufactured items that you create, modify, or repair. Then sell, trade, or auction them to other players on the open black market.


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2 Responses to “CrimeCraft Unlimited Free Trial”

  1. By satrincha on October 29, 2009

    I have play that free account some days ago. And i am really disappointed. You have missions until lvl 7, you cannot use upgrad weapons, you cannot create party, when you enter to a party you have limited time (~6/7mn), you can play PvP but they are all high lvl with upgraded armors and weapons (good luck for kill just 1). And the game is a single shoot in close map (that strange, ennemies just spawn front of you …), with a Gears of War gameplay(i dont anderstand its a P2P with nothing more). And there is not many players. I eard when APB will be out, that game will be deserted.

  2. By Bretto on October 30, 2009

    Yeah trial looks lame like you said satrincha. i didn’t actually try this game. I went to the website and read the trial’s limitations and figured it wasn’t really something i would like enough to pay for. The trial period would be so short i doubt the game would rope me in enough to buy so not much point in downloading 😛 However the graphics look nice, at least it has that going for it 😀

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